My name is Fernando Saez and I am the creator of this platform. The platform consists in the possibility of giving a service to both the veterinary and their clients and generate a link between the two, allowing the veterinarians to be more aware of the pets of their customers.

GVET is a software veterinarian modern and completely done with the advice of the doctors of the hospital school of the National University of the center of the Province of Buenos Aires. The most important of GVET beyond the common features of similar programs, is that it is a software designed to be able to adapt to the needs of veterinary medicine and its specialists, being able to define which data to enter and how to enter them. And another of the main features is that it allows a connection with the application that is used by your customers.

GVET App is an application for mobile devices that allows you to upload data from your pet and then go to assign reminders to vaccinate or deworm, or you can make your own vet once you've generated the link. A functionality very important application is the possibility of seeing the face of an emergency, the veterinary near your location and tell them that you have a urgency, so that they can contact you.

The platform is currently using in all of south and central America and Spain and we continue to expand.

We know that people love their pets, but in a world in which mobile devices and technology to capture often capture most of the attention of the people, we believe that it is important to be able to involve our pets in the technology that is also part of our lives.